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Here to turn fantasy into reality

Noon Productions was founded over 30 years ago, and provides solutions for every type of stage need: private and institutional events, business clients, schools, youth movements, couples tying the knot, and more..

The company’s motto is to produce events that transform fantasy into reality. We believe that professionalism, quality and innovation are the secret to an unforgettable event. We treat our clients with dedication and professionalism, working closely with them, as we recognize that the success of an event is based on understanding the client and all the their needs, and on advance planning and coordination of expectations, before proceeding with the production.

We also undertake to supply the most technically advanced equipment – innovative lighting, and advanced digital amplification, inflatable structures for children and adults, luxurious seating systems, game tables, giant screens, and more. The good of the client and the success of the event are our daily motivation.

We believe that professionalism, quality and innovation are the secret to producing an unforgettable event.

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Paying attention to every aspect of the event, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is one of our major concerns. We work with a well-organized and planed schedule in order to be fully prepared at least an hour and a half prior to the event, so we have time left for fine tuning, in order to achieve perfection.


One of our leading traits is our teams’ enterprising and can-do attitude. We engage numerous service providers, all of whom have extensive experience in their line of work. One of our main mottos is “safety first”. Accordingly, we abide by stringent safety rules, in order to protect our costumers’ well-being.

Service Orientation

We always engage a mature, highly trained and competent team that will provide a professional solution to any requirement raised by the client. We are flexible, and work with a smile, and with a desire to meet all our client’s needs.


As service providers in a complex and wide-ranging field, we strive to provide our clients with maximum information about the event. Maximum transparency leads to coordination of expectations between us, the service providers, and the client.